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  • inReach Mapshare versus ZOLEO Location Share+

    In this video, I’ll be doing a deep dive comparison between the inReach Mapshare feature versus the Location Share+ feature on ZOLEO satellite communicator. I’ll be looking at the portal settings for both along with how each of the smartphone apps (Earthmate va ZOLEO) handles this functionality. Mapshare vs Location Share+ Mapshare was a feature…

  • Garmin inReach versus ZOLEO Messaging Types

    In this video, I’ll expand on a question I got recently which was if it was possible to send messages from a Garmin inReach to a ZOLEO satellite messenger? The answer is yes, but in this video I’ll expand on this to send messages between both devices and see the differences when sending SMS, email…

  • Garmin Handheld Pre-loaded Maps Options

    Now that most of the Garmin Handhelds have had a refresh in the last 3 years, it is time to take a look at a common question that arises when owners are shopping to upgrade their handheld or new users looking for an upgrade. eTrex 22x 32x – Montana 700 Series Pre-Loaded Maps Garmin included…

  • Field Communications With A Ham or Amateur Radio Portable Kit With J-Pole Base Station

    Before smartphones and LTE towers were the norm; your options for communications while hiking were limited. Basically you would go for your Ham Radio or Amateur radio certificate (call sign) and prepare a communications kit. Now with new technology like satellite communicators like garmin (delorme) inreach and spot, you save a lot of space in…

  • How to Export The Track Log From Your Garmin inReach Explorer

    On your Delorme inReach Explorer, you have two types of track logs: the default 10 min track points that you can share with others using Mapshare and the 1 min detailed track log that you can view on the screen or using the Earthmate app. But how can you export the detailed track log onto…

  • How to Update Firmware on a Garmin inReach Explorer

    How to Update Firmware on a Garmin inReach Explorer

    We will look at the simple process of updating the firmware on your Delorme inReach Explorer or SE. First thing we need to do is to find our USB cable and plug it into our PC or mac. Now open up a web browser and login into your Delorme Portal.

  • Garmin inReach Explorer – How to Send 2 Way Messages

    Garmin inReach Explorer – How to Send 2 Way Messages

    We take a look how your can send 2-way email & mobile text messages with your Delorme inReach Explorer (and SE). Now, you can send messages using your paired smartphone and using the Earthmate app, but for this video we will use the inReach as a stand alone device. But before we start using our…

  • Garmin inReach Explorer – Calibrating Compass & Altimeter

    Garmin inReach Explorer – Calibrating Compass & Altimeter

    We go over the steps to calibrate the Delorme inReach Explorer electronic compass and altimeter. The Delorme inReach Explorer contains an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. To calibrate both items, go to the SETTINGS page and scroll down to COMPASS & ALTIMETER From here you can calibrate the compass & altimeter.

  • Garmin inReach Explorer – Geocaching

    Garmin inReach Explorer – Geocaching

    In this video, we’ll show you how to load geocache waypoints on your Delorme inReach Explorer. Now we can enter manually waypoint information, but we want to load up multiple geocaches into our device. To help us do that, we need to create a GPX file that will contain these multiple geocaches or waypoints.

  • Plot Coordinates on a Map With Garmin inReach Explorer

    Plot Coordinates on a Map With Garmin inReach Explorer

    We will take a quick look at how we can take coordinates from our current location or saved waypoints on our Delorme inReach SE or Explorer.