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  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Adventurer Camo

    In this video we will take a quick look at the Victorinox Swiss Army knife adventurer with the camo style nylon handles. This part of their 111mm series of knives featuring their updated design they’ve introduced several years ago. This knife is a 2 layer tool; there are a few variations with Centurion being the…

  • Map & Compass – Navigation Tutorials

    Map & Compass is a skill that needs practice to maintain our proficiency. The main reason for this is simple; GPS devices will fail us at some point. You might run out of power, lose it or break it. When this happens, we want to have a backup to continue to navigate out of the wilderness…

  • Solar Kit For Your Day Pack

    We will take a look at a solar EDC kit good for outdoors, urban & travel situations. Now I’m sure lots of you have solar panels and battery packs, but we don’t talk about the system around them often. If we do, it’s within an emergency context.

  • Yaktrax RUN – Product Review

    I decided to spend a little more money this winter and go for the yaktrax run traction device. The big improvements from the regular yaktrax model are a thicker natural rubber combination of Coils and metal studs and Velcro strapping on the top of your foot. Reflective webbing at the front and a reflective piece…

  • Dutch Oven Camp Cooking – Pork Stew and Spruce Beer

    Dutch Oven Camp Cooking – Pork Stew and Spruce Beer

    Time to get busy and use our cast iron dutch oven and make us some pork stew and pair this with a craft beer. Let’s get to it! First, I’m using a standard beef stew and substituting it with cubed pork.

  • Weather Forecasting Using Your GPS Barometer

    Weather Forecasting Using Your GPS Barometer

    We will look at how you can use the barometer sensor in your GPS device to help you do a little bit of weather forecasting while out in the wilderness. If you have a recent GPS device with an electronic compass, odds are that you also have an Altimeter-Barometer. Which mean that you probably can…

  • Garmin fenix Tutorials

    Garmin fenix Tutorials

    Satellite Page In this video we will look at the Satellite page on the Garmin fenix / tactix. When you press the ORANGE button and select START GPS. The outer ring will be your primary indicator of satellite acquisition. However, you want more information about the satellites and reception, you can view the satellite page,…

  • Charging up Devices Before & During a Hike

    Charging up Devices Before & During a Hike

    It happens that when you are driving out to a trailhead for a hike, you may forget to charge up all of your devices. This video is about how you can top up your devices while driving and in the field. Here I have my typical devices; garmin fenix, delorme inreach explorer and iPhone 5s.…

  • Keysmart 2.0 Product Review

    Keysmart 2.0 Product Review

    Quick product review of Keysmart 2.0, which you can get via their website at http://getkeysmart.com This started out as a kickstarter project originally and you can find similar items, but I think this does it right by keeping it simple. Here I’m using the standard 3-4 keys model.

  • How to Navigate Using Flagging Tape

    How to Navigate Using Flagging Tape

    I mentioned in a previous video to include flagging tape or trail tape to your pack. The reason is to be use as a navigation tool to help you stay on course. I had previously shown you how two people could navigate using the leap frog technique to stay on course, but if you are…