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  • Which GPS is Best for Running, Hiking, Hunting and Geocaching in 2017?

       2017 Black Friday and Holiday season had some nice buys for those wanting to upgrade a dedicated GPS unit. I’ll mention low, medium and high price options to consider buying. I talk mostly about Garmin as this is what is dominating the sales charts, store availability at my local big box stores and […]

  • Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 Tent Review

    After nine good years as our primary family camping tent, it’s time to retire the Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 tent. At time of recording, the tent is still available on Amazon as such I recommend it as a great budget tent for a young family of four or couple that want a lot of […]

  • How We Got Back Into Family Car Camping

    [info_message style=”info”]This post will be updated as we do more trips and upgrade our gear as we go along![/info_message] We haven’t done any car camping in several years, I had gone down the path of hammock camping and rustic camping with the boys for the last few years. This summer, we wanted to do more […]

  • Field Communications With A Ham or Amateur Radio Portable Kit With J-Pole Base Station

    Before smartphones and LTE towers were the norm; your options for communications while hiking were limited. Basically you would go for your Ham Radio or Amateur radio certificate (call sign) and prepare a communications kit. Now with new technology like satellite communicators like garmin (delorme) inreach and spot, you save a lot of space in […]

  • Baking a Apple Cranberry Pie Outdoors in A Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    Baking An Apple Cranberry Pie Outdoors Is The Best With harvest season almost to a close, I had a bag of fresh cranberries and couldn’t figure out what to make with it. So I looked at my dutch oven and pie plate and thought that a apple cranberry pie would be a nice challenge cooking […]

  • Hammock Camping Knots – Which Ones To Use?

    Which knots to use when hammock camping? That’s a great question. You can use a variety of knots when hammock camping, but it really depends on your hammock camping system. In this post, I’ll go over the knots that I’ve used when hammock camping with my ENO Single Nesthammock. So let’s go over the components. […]

  • Emergency Communication Kit For Home Or Outdoors

    Hurricane Season and Other Weather Events Do you have your emergency communication kit for home ready? Out here along the Eastern coastline, we got to deal with hurricane season. Despite what you may think from watching CNN or the Weather Channel, once a hurricane passes Boston, it’s heading right at me, being based in Nova […]

  • Osprey Syncro 15 – Day Hiking Backpack

    Here’s a day pack I think works great for 3 season hiking for distances up to 10k and maybe a bit beyond. The Osprey Syncro 15is mainly geared for cycling but can also be used for day hiking during the 3 seasons. I can easily fit in my 10 hiking essentials and maybe an extra […]

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Adventurer Camo

    In this video we will take a quick look at the Victorinox Swiss Army knife adventurer with the camo style nylon handles. This part of their 111mm series of knives featuring their updated design they’ve introduced several years ago. This knife is a 2 layer tool; there are a few variations with Centurion being the […]

  • Map & Compass – Navigation Tutorials

    Map & Compass is a skill that needs practice to maintain our proficiency. The main reason for this is simple; GPS devices will fail us at some point. You might run out of power, lose it or break it. When this happens, we want to have a backup to continue to navigate out of the wilderness […]