• ZOLEO Improves SOS With Step By Step Updates

    It’s spring and that means an update from ZOLEO is on its way. I got alerted across all my social channels this week on the news of the new Progressive SOS feature along with a system update for the ZOLEO device. ZOLEO Progressive SOS Updates The new Progressive SOS feature provides ongoing status updates when […]

  • How To Install Garmin Tread On 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender HD7

    I decided it was time to install the mounting hardware so that I can start using my Garmin Tread while riding trails on my 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender HD7. The Garmin tread comes with all the hardware you need to mount and wire the device to your PowerSport machine such as a side-by-side, UTV or […]

  • 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender Base & DPS Accessories You Should Get

    2022 BRP Can-Am Defender Base & DPS Accessories You Should Get

    When shopping for a side by side ATV, there are plenty of options on the market. It certainly took me a few months to figure out which brand/model to go for after spending a lot of time on my needs. I settled on the 2022 BRP Can-Am Defender DPS HD7 to be an all-round utility […]

  • Garmin Updates Instinct 2 To Bring In-Line with Fitness Watches

    Garmin published an update to the Instinct 2 series and a Instinct 2 dezl version for professional truck drivers. Priced between $449.99 – $649.99CAD, this updated version is slightly less than the original but packs more features and variety that will give an excuse for those who wanted a more tactical looking watch on their […]

  • Garmin Releases inReach mini 2 For Satellite Communication

    Garmin announced the updated version of the inReach mini 2 for satellite communication and emergency SOS response.  The price of the updated mini 2 is now USD 399.99 while the previous version was USD 349.99. Other differences with the previous inReach mini are: Improved display 176×176 pixels vs 128 x 128 pixels Vastly improved battery […]

  • Garmin Adds To Tread Lineup With Overland Editions

    Announced during CES this week, Garmin will be releasing later this month two additional models to the Tread lineup focused on side by side and over landing. The Garmin Tread SxS Edition will feature an 8 inch screen and the Garmin Tread Overlander XL will feature a 10 inch display. These new models will feature […]

  • Transfer Data from Garmin Basecamp to Garmin Explore

    Transfer Data from Garmin Basecamp to Garmin Explore

    If you are using Garmin BaseCamp to plan your next adventure, you might be interested in adding data from it to Garmin Explore. This blog post talks about how to do this with an easy workaround that is sure to increase productivity! Garmin Basecamp Support Ended in 2018 With the release of BaseCamp version 2018.40, […]

  • 72 hour emergency kit for home or car

    Everyone should have a 72-hour emergency kit. It is an essential part of being ready for emergencies that may happen at any time. Whether you are at home or in the car, it is important to be prepared for anything life can throw your way. This blog post will give you three-day emergency kits ideas […]

  • How to Get Your House Wired in an Emergency with a Generator

    This article is about wiring your house to use a generator in an emergency. With power out, and no water or sewer service available, many people are left without light and the ability to cook food. We will discuss how you can wire your house for these occasions by installing a transfer switch that will […]

  • How Does Iridium Satellite Communications Work When Using the Garmin inReach and Zoleo for Communicating With Family and Friends

    With the increase in popularity of outdoor activities, Garmin and Zoleo have made it easier to stay connected with friends and family. Satellite communication devices like the Garmin inReach mini and embedded products and Zoleo Satellite communicator can now send text messages, GPS locations, SOS alerts for emergencies, as well as tracking data from these […]