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  • Garmin Forerunner 610 – How to Navigate

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to navigate waypoints using your garmin forerunner 610. there are 2 types of navigation: free form & backtrack. free form is where you create waypoints, either parking spots, trailsheads or other points of interest. you can navigate back to that point at any time. The other type […]

  • Garmin Forerunner 610 – How to Update Firmware

    This video tutorial quickly shows you how to update the firmware of your garmin forerunner 610. This process is actually the same for all of Garmin’s wireless devices such as the 405, 410 & 310. This video shows the upgrade from firmware 2.20 to 2.30 First we go to garmin connect, sometimes, we see an […]

  • Garmin Forerunner 610 – Initial Setup

    Out of the box (unboxing) of a Garmin Forerunner 610 fitness GPS. We will go over what’s in the box, how to charge your device, how to install your ANT agent software on your PC or macbook, how to pair the device and how to get started on Garmin Connect. Find me on google+

  • Garmin Forerunner 110 – Heart Rate Monitor Setup

    In this video, I’ll go over the steps to configure your garmin forerunner 110 with a compatible heart rate strap. You do this by putting on the heart rate strap and going into the menu and selecting HR Monitor and change the one setting to ON. Find me on google+

  • Garmin Forerunner 110 – Managing History Data

    In this video I’ll show you how to view your history and how to manage the data from the computer since you cannot delete saved activities. The best way to move your activities is to upload them to garmin connect, or to garmin training center. to manage the activities, you simply need to delete the […]

  • Garmin Forerunner 110 – Initial Setup – Getting Started – Update Firmware

    In this video, I’ll go over the initial setup, including software setup using a Garmin Forerunner 110. First thing is to setup your user profile, once done you want to go outside or by the window and acquire satellites to set the date/time. After that, you can connect the USB cable to your PC or […]

  • Garmin Forerunner 110 – How to Reset

    In this video I’ll show you how to perform a gard reset on your garmin forerunner 110. This is usually a good method when your unit is frozen or is blank. You do this by holding down the lap/reset + light buttons at the same time for a few seconds. You will get a prompt […]

  • Garmin Forerunner 205 305 vs 310 Quick Compare Review

    Very quick compare review of the Foreruner 310 and the older 205/305. Other than the physical appearance, very few menu changes,so that old users can upgrade to the new unit with no problem. However, the 305 is still a good buy for those on a budget   Find us on Google+

  • Garmin Forerunner 310 vs 405 / 410 – Compare Review

    Quick compare video between the Garmin forerunner 405 vs 310. Both units have features that are great. I go over the battery life, form factor, usability, data fields, alerts, bezel etc…   Find us on Google+

  • Garmin GPSMAP 62 – Customizing Profiles

      We’ll be looking at profiles on our garmin gpsmap 62. Let’s assume that we do a number of activities with our device, but need to customize the same screen based on activity.